Teaching Methodology – Jindal Global Summer School


Our curriculum offers an integrated learning experience that bridges the divide between theory and practice. For each of the areas listed below, participants will learn through interactive conceptual discussions and hands-on activities. Participants will also receive mentoring from accomplished professionals, as well as, get the chance to interact with exemplary role models in each field.


The boundaries between disciplines that were sacrosanct not even a decade ago have now been transformed by a concerted thrust towards interdisciplinarity. The changing global climate requires professionals who are equipped to deal with this constant interaction between conventional areas of knowledge and expertise,and the needs of contemporary times.

The summer school curriculum is alive to this fact and each of the academic modules encourages students to develop a capacity for drawing on intellectual resources and skills from a variety of disciplines.

The summer school curriculum will provide global perspectives, holistic learning, and ethical engagement to guide students through their crucial transition from high school to higher education.

Course Outline

Law, Justice, and Democracy (LJD)

Law is one of the most exciting career options available to young people. Lawyers work in board rooms, diplomatic missions, conflict zones, and are even working on issues regarding the oceans and outer space. The summer school will expose young minds to this wonderful new world.

Across the world today, and nowhere more so than in India, undreamt of opportunities are available to those prepared to take new initiatives and think out of the box. How does one take these risks in a calculated manner?  What are the ground rules in this brave new world? Young minds will soak in these lessons at the summer school.

Business Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship (BLE)

Diplomacy, International Relations, and Peace (DIP)

Today more than ever, countries are hugely interconnected. No amount of technology can, however, replace the need for trained communicators and negotiators – who can enable dialogue among different countries. Excellent career options exist in diplomacy and international relations. Join the summer school to find out more about them.

India is leading the way in redefining the manner in which the state and market are interrelated. This means that top-class thinkers, policy makers, and planners are required for nation building. The summer school will inform participants about the opportunities in this hugely challenging area.

Economy, Public policy, and Development (EPD)

Liberal Arts, Culture, and Humanities (LCH)

Our highly techno-centric age requires leaders and citizens with a very broad perspectives – people who understand the nuances of different cultures and their identities, and are able to facilitate understanding and communication between them. The liberal arts programme aims at training young minds who have such a world-view, and the summer school will give them a peep into this opportunities- laden universe.

The critical role of media in shaping public opinion, and indeed government policy, is all too apparent. Young minds need to know about how this immensely powerful medium is structured, operated and what amazing possibilities exist for them in these areas. The summer school will guide the young participants through this complex and challenging world.

Media, Communication and Public Affairs (MCPA)

Architecture, Planning and Sustainability (APS)

The summer school will address most critical aspects of urbanization and its implications for issues relating to sustainability, planning and the future of cities. It will provide perspective to young minds about the history of architectural imaginations, planning perspectives,sustainability,traditional Indian settlement and their relationship to modern architectural design.

An introduction to global phenomenon of banking and finance such as accounting, compliance, insurance, infrastructure development,and project finance is the need of global young citizen.The summer school will expose the young minds with the specialized learning in banking,finance and related areas.

Banking, Finance and Accounting (BFA)